Leading Innovation

We are a technology-focused company that makes the next-generation UC products. Our solutions are deeply rooted in our 16 years of Professional AV technologies and experience.

We can provide higher audio and video quality in our UC products for enterprises at a more competitive price to our customers thanks to your vertically integrated business model.

High Professional-level

Our UC products deliver high-quality audio and video experiences using advanced chipsets and AV technologies.

AI Solutions

We specialize in cutting-edge AI solutions for diverse applications—remote learning, coaching, streaming, and collaboration. Our offerings cater to education, corporate training, personal well-being, and healthcare industries.

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Vertically Integrated Business

We're a nimble engineering and tech company, rapidly developing and delivering cutting-edge products to meet evolving customer and market demands. Our vertically integrated model ensures control over design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics, without third-party reliance.

Flexible and Agile

We're a nimble company, fostering close collaboration with partners. Our agility helps expand portfolios swiftly to meet evolving customer needs.


Designed FPGA Solution independently, and reduced the AV solution prices of video conferencing market. Massively produced 1080P Video Conferencing Cameras


Used SoC and developed Autofocus Algorithms. Developed multiple tracking methods.


Massively produced 4K Cameras. Developed AI-Powered Cameras. Developed conferencing AV Solutions with terminals.


NDI HX and NDI HX2 Cameras. Massively produced USB Webcams for Live Streaming. Supported cascade conferencing microphones.


Uses high-performance phone chip for cameras. Independent Audio 3A algorithms to develop hands-free microphone and voice amplifier. Full NDI Cameras

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