Cascading Omnidirectional Digital Array Microphone

RM702 is a digital array microphone designed specifically for corporate business conference communication. It can be flexibly cascaded and expanded according to the conference room space, covering the entire room for audio pickup. Equipped with an audio processing unit and AI audio algorithm capabilities, it effectively eliminates various noises, echoes, feedback, and howling in the conference room, providing a high-quality voice communication experience

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It features a high signal-to-noise ratio ring-shaped microphone array design, achieving 360° omnidirectional audio
pickup. This allows speakers to freely move within a larger range in the room, freeing them from constraints.

16 Years Design and Produce Experience


Each individual microphone has an effective pickup distance of 3 meters, and up to 6 microphones can be cascaded using Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling distributed audio pickup and uniform coverage in medium to large conference rooms.


It utilizes blind beamforming technology to automatically locate the sound source and capture it accurately. It adapts to the acoustic environment and achieves voice enhancement, providing better anti-interference capabilities.


It is equipped with standard USB 2.0 and auxiliary audio interfaces, supporting plug-and-play functionality for both digital and analog audio applications.


It supports various installation methods such as desktop placement, ceiling mounting, and suspension. This allows for flexible and quick deployment, reducing maintenance costs.

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Product Details

General parameters
  • Microphone Type : Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Microphone Array : Built-in 6 high SNR microphones form a ring array, 360° omnidirectional pickup
  • Sensitivity : -38 dBFS
  • SNR : 65 dB(A)
    Frequency response : 50Hz - 16kHz
  • Sampling Rate : 32K sampling, HD broadband audio
  • Pickup distance : 3 meters pickup
  • Noise suppression : Support
  • Gain control : Support
  • Echo cancellation : Support
Cascade function
  • Cascade Mode : POE network cable
  • Number of cascades : 6
General Specifications
  • Power supply mode : POE cascade 48V power supply, support IEEE 802.3 at standard / USB 5V 500mA (single unit)
  • Support system : Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Installation : Desktop, ceiling
  • Size : Φ 170 mm * H 40 mm
  • Weight : 370 g
Hardware interfac
  • Network port : RJ45 network port
  • USB interface : USB audio interface (Type-C),UAC1.0 protocol, audio datacommunication, software upgrade and parameter configuration
  • Analog audio : AUX1, AUX2 linear audio input and output