Rocware Intelligent Classroom Solutions

Elevate learning experience in classroom and remote with better attention and interaction.


Adapting to New Education and Learning Needs

Optimizing In-Classroom Education Experiences

Enhance traditional classroom settings with AI-enhanced technologies that automate view switching and focus, enabling teachers to concentrate on teaching.

Learning Anywhere: Online and Hybrid Accessibility

Empower students and teachers to connect seamlessly from anywhere, ensuring equal learning opportunities through our flexible, hybrid solutions.

Tailored for Any Training Environment

Our versatile solutions adapt to any educational scenario, supporting diverse training needs with customizable, easy-to-integrate technologies.

Empowering Every Educational Scenario

Hybrid Classrooms

Online Lectures and Webinars

Virtual Labs and Demonstrations

Remote Tutoring & Office Hours

Distance Learning Programs

Collaborative Projects & Group Discussions

What we offer

Intelligent Classroom Technologies


Intelligent Tracking

AI algorithms for detecting human heads, faces, and bodies. Camera always follows teacher and students movement.


Intelligent Switching

Automatically switch between teacher close-up, classroom panorama, blackboard close-up, student close-up


Smart Blackboard Writing

Automatically remove any obstruction of the whiteboard, providing real-time unobstructed video streams and snapshots of the whiteboard

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Dual-camera Collaboration

Teacher & student cameras capturing both teacher and full classroom scene.


AI Attendance & Attention Tracking

Automatically check and record student presence in class. AI to detect student facial expression for attention.

Unleash the Potential of
Hybrid and Remote Learning


Classroom and Beyond

Our RC031 + RM702 setup for hybrid classrooms allows teachers to reach every student, no matter where they are. With AI-driven behavior recognition and portrait tracking, the system intuitively switches views among teacher close-ups, classroom panoramas, and more, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.


Remote Teaching Rooms Reimagined

The RC10 + RT10 combination redefines remote education by providing an uninhibited educational exchange with a 140° wide-angle view and real-time speaker tracking, making distance learning as compelling as face-to-face interactions.


Administrative Efficiency

For administrative meetings, the RC841U + RM702 + S22 + RT10 setup offers a smooth conference experience with powerful optical zoom and intelligent auto-framing, ensuring that every participant, whether remote or onsite, is fully engaged and clearly visible.


Enhancing Home Study

Our USB webcam solutions like the RC08 offer an enhanced study engagement for students at home, featuring AI-based positioning, high-quality audio, and user-friendly operation to maintain focus and participation in every online class.

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High Professional-level

Our UC products deliver high-quality audio and video experiences using advanced chipsets and AV technologies.


AI Solutions

We specialize in cutting-edge AI solutions for diverse applications—remote learning, coaching, streaming, and collaboration. Our offerings cater to education, corporate training, personal well-being, and healthcare industries.


Vertically Integrated Business

We're a nimble engineering and tech company, rapidly developing and delivering cutting-edge products to meet evolving customer and market demands. Our vertically integrated model ensures control over design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics, without third-party reliance.


Flexible and Agile

We're a nimble company, fostering close collaboration with partners. Our agility helps expand portfolios swiftly to meet evolving customer needs.

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Empower your university or college with a comprehensive suite of tools, including webcams, PTZ cameras, and microphones, designed for dynamic hybrid classrooms. Provide educators and students with next-generation technology for collaborative and immersive learning.

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