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Building a Strong and Collaborative Relationship for Future Growth

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Why Become a Rocware Partner?

We are dedicated to empowering our partners to expand your businesses, enhance competitiveness by selling next-generation products, increase profitability, and enjoy a seamless and efficient business experience.

Project protection

Safeguard your projects through deal registration and maintain confidentiality.

Price Protection

Benefit from Rocware's fair pricing system, ensuring price integrity and competitive advantages.

Sales Support

Receive dedicated sales and technical assistance throughout the sales cycle for increased success and customer satisfaction.

Market Expansion

Access new sales leads through Rocware marketing programs and ecosystem, unlocking new business opportunities.

Comprehensive Marketing Support and Rewards


Build your business with Rocware-approved marketing collateral.

Business Leads Sharing

Gain access to leads from social media, exhibitions, and other channels.

Rebates & Rewards

Earn rebates on sales exceeding targets and enjoy rewards such as trips and prizes.

More Benefits

Participate in regular webinars, events, and beta testing of new products.

Extensive Technical Support

Receive comprehensive technical assistance for sales and products.

Join Our Channel Partner Program

Experience the benefits of a deeper and collaborative relationship with Rocware.
Manage deals, grow your business, and secure your future success.

Exclusive training modules for sales and products


Opportunity to participate in beta testing of new products


Extensive technical support and complete assistance