One of the First AV Productions Suppliers

ROCWARE has been designing and producing a wide range of AV products, including PTZ Cameras, USB Webcams, Video Soundbars, and Microphones for 15 years. We provide the products to meet your Educational, Video conferencing, Live streaming, and medical-video solution. Compatible with all major conferencing platforms (skype, teams, Zoom…), Our mission is to help customer’s virtual, in-person and hybrid usage scenarios easier by providing high quality products with competitive price. 

Rocware's products were showcased at G20 Summit and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. When functionality and reliability matter Rocware.


Designed FPGA Solution independently, and reduced the AV solution prices of video conferencing market. Massively produced 1080P Video Conferencing Cameras


Used SoC and developed Autofocus Algorithms. Developed multiple tracking methods.


Massively produced 4K Cameras. Developed AI-Powered Cameras. Developed conferencing AV Solutions with terminals.


NDI HX and NDI HX2 Cameras. Massively produced USB Webcams for Live Streaming. Supported cascade conferencing microphones.


Uses high-performance phone chip for cameras. Independent Audio 3A algorithms to develop hands-free microphone and voice amplifier. Full NDI Cameras

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