Teach from anywhere
The Rocware RC031 and RM70 successfully launched a live classroom solution for present and online hybrid teaching. Our technology also supports simultaneous in person and remote learning in the same class. Remote learning students can join the same class online with their mobile or computer, choosing their preferred video meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. You can teach or join the class from anywhere with clarity and confidence.

Works Seamlessly / broad compatibility
The RC031 and RM70 hardware has been thoroughly tested and certified to work with all major hardware and software providers. Our product allows teachers to quickly and seamlessly connect, broadcast and communicate with their students.

Be seen
The RC031 cameras are equipped with 4K lenses and image processing to provide crystal clear images with intelligent zoom, tracking functionality and auto focus, exposure. The technology allows the teacher to autonomously maintain a one-on-one conversation in a large group environment.

Be heard
The RM70 omnidirectional microphone and noise cancelling algorithm clearly pick up sound from 8m. The need for lavalier or headphone mounted microphones is eliminated. The teacher and students can be easily heard in one simple setup.

Autonomously communicate what is relevant

The built-in AI algorithm and behavior recognition and portrait tracking allow the broadcast to automatically switch between teacher close-up, classroom panorama, blackboard close-up, student close-up, student panorama and or any other video. RC031 can auto tracking and roll call for the attendance with AI technology also. The technology allows the teacher and students to focus on learning and teaching, allowing the technology to facilitate the relevant communication.

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Superior performance and transparent integration
Whether in class or online study, Rocware’s patented automatic picture generation of board writing and picture framing allows the student to focus on the relevant content during class and allows snapshots of the content to be taken and saved for follow up.

Plug and play, simple and easy installation
Remoted control - remote access to student and teacher equipment settings allowing real time system optimization.







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