Rocware’s 4K Video Conferencing PTZ Camera RC841U recently received Zoom certification. Adds to the lineup of previously certified 1080P Video Conferencing PTZ Camera RC821U, the 4K All-in-One USB Video Bar RC10, and the Smart Conference Speakerphone A10, making a total of four audio-video hardware products in collaboration with Zoom.

RC841U 4K Video Conferencing PTZ Camera

RC821U 1080P Video Conferencing PTZ Camera

RC10 4K All-in-One USB Video Bar

A10 Smart Conference Speakerphone

The advantages of cloud video conferencing mode are revealed with the development and application of information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and AI. More enterprises choose video conferencing to carry out remote working, communication, and collaboration, so the requirements for the video conferencing experience are increasingly strict.

As the world’s leading cloud video conferencing provider, ZOOM boasts a massive user base with over 300 million daily active users. Consequently, its specifications and performance requirements of audio-video hardware products are exceptionally stringent. 

The recent official certification by Zoom signifies that Rocware’s independently developed and manufactured products have undergone comprehensive testing and scrutiny in terms of technology, performance, and user experience. They are seamlessly compatible with Zoom, ensuring a better quality and more reliable audiovisual communication experience for global users.

All the above Zoom-certified audio-video hardware is part of Rocware’s cloud video conferencing solution. 

Addressing various enterprise meeting room scenarios, Rocware has designed four cloud video conferencing solutions for small, medium, and large meeting rooms. These effectively resolve challenges commonly faced in traditional video conferencing setups, such as multiple devices, complex wiring, and maintenance difficulties. You can obtain high-quality remote communication and collaboration services through simple deployment in meeting room of any size.

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