Rocware RC08Upgrade Notice

Introducing a new feature that keeps you at the center of attention.

With advanced AI intelligence recognizing your position and a digital zoom function, a single touch of the button behind the RC08 places you at the center during video calls. Additionally, the LED indicator and speaker prompts make the setup process effortless.


A Seamless Experience with One Touch

Do you need help with constantly adjusting the camera before meetings? Say goodbye to that hassle with the RC08’s latest feature, “Center Stage.” Now, you’re just one touch away from a perfect setup every time.


Once the intelligent webcam is connected to your device, a light touch on the small button behind it activates “Center Stage.” This cutting-edge feature utilizes AI intelligence to position you perfectly at the center of the view. The indicator lights turn pink when “Center Stage” is enabled and blue when disabled, indicating a clear setting status.


What Else Makes “Center Stage” a Game Changer?

  • The built-in Gamma Correction module enhances the facial images, resulting in vivid video calls.
  • The AI automatic viewfinder module captures your movements seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the meeting without distractions.
  • Whether you lean back, walk from side to side, or change positions, “Center Stage” keeps you at the center effortlessly.
  • In addition to meetings, you can also use the webcam for live streaming. Move freely, as the camera ensures you stay on the screen.


The upgraded RC08 is ideally suited for workplace and daily use. With the efficient support of “Center Stage,” you will significantly enhance the video call experience and office productivity.


At Rocware, we are a dedicated professional AV supplier committed to providing high-quality products that meet your satisfaction.

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