Rocware partner Teams and Zoom to launch certified devices

Rocware, one of the first corporations to develop Video Cameras and Microphones, producing products partnered with Microsoftware and Teams to expand its certifications. Rocware is an AV products producer, and its products have been widely used in many important events like The G20 Summit and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. We have been designing and producing a wide range of AV products including PTZ Cameras, USB Webcams, Video Soundbars, and Microphones, so that all your different AV problems about online conferences, education, live streaming, and medical scenarios can all be solved well

The Microsoft Teams Certification is an internationally recognized standard for measuring audio and video quality. The certification is divided into two levels, with the Premium being the highest level of the certification, which has undergone five iterations. And therequirments of this certification to the video conference hardware equipment is the highest and the most difficult in the global video conference hardware equipment market. The certified product must undergo multi-dimensional audio and video quality testing by Bell Labs to ensure it is a perfect fit for Microsoft Teams.

And the product of Rocware presented its ability to provide HD video call quality. Rocware's cameras have independent technology and algorithms, including automatic exposure algorithms, automatic white balance algorithms, high dynamic range processing technology, video low-delay processing technology, and so on.

Moreover, Rocware's microphones have combined microphone array technology, audio 3A technology, and AI technology to adapt effectively to different audio environments. The beamforming microphone array provides a rich and clear pick-up of sound wherever the speaker is sitting in the room. The adaptive echo cancellation algorithm is adopted to ensure no word loss and no echo leakage to ensure a full duplex.

Although Rocware has over decade years of experience in manufacturing, and engineering and 7years experiences of independent designing audio and video products, we were not that sure about the global standard of Rocware's technology. The Zoom and Microsoft certifications show our ability to provide better products and services to our customers. And Rocware plans to expand our portfolio with more certifications in the future.

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