Rocware officially launches the RC310 Mini PTZ Camera. 1080P HD Mini Video PTZ camera has a 120° vertical tilt angle, 340° horizontal pan angle,and 3X optical zoom. Small size like a webcam, but with more professional and flexible control.

Not only the real PTZ, but Rocware also shows its independent advantages of AI tracking technologies. AI humanoid tracking and intelligent Autoframing follow you and your team members' every movement.

A mini PTZ camera for hybrid workplace---- Everything you need to have

When we talk about cameras, traditional heavy video cameras and stills cameras usually come to mind for most people. However, in the trend, people are more often to take videos than photos. Do you know the particular type of camera available called PTZ cameras? So, first, what is a PTZ camera? As the name suggests, a PTZ camera with ability to Pan left to right, Tilt up and down, and Zoom in and out. This allows PTZ cameras to cover a wide field of view. And PTZ cameras are more often used in important events for large rooms. On the contrary, a USB webcam is assumed to be a small input device that allows computer users to share what they record with viewers connected to the Internet.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, all the small work-at-home devices are getting popular worldwide. USB webcams are small, simple, and capitable with electronic Pan, tilt, and zoom. And the concept is getting solid as PTZ cameras should be heavy while personal webcams should have less control. However, why not have them both? Rocware launched the real PTZ camera with a mini size RC310 in December 2022

The latest Rocware RC08 mini all-in-one USB webcam gets into the best sellers rank 26 in webcams within one month on Amazon. And with mechanically pan, tilt, optical zoom, intelligent tracking functions, and ToF autofocus, we won't doubt this new RC310 mini real PTZ USB camera will not only hit the person working at home market but also improves the huddle conference room layout.

First, there are huge differences between optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom gets up close and personal by using an actual lens adjustment, and digital zoom adjusts the image in the camera itself. In comparison, most webcams cannot support optical zoom. RC310 supports 3x optical and 16x digital zoom, making zoom more flexible and clearer.

Not only the real PTZ, but Rocware also shows its independent advantages of AI tracking technologies. Embedded NNE hardware unit, using deep learning technology to extract target features, no matter where the face is facing, can achieve smooth humanoid tracking suitable for automatic speaker tracking and other application scenarios. Moreover, RC310 can also do autoframing for you and your team members. The Advanced deep learning algorithm is adapted to automatically adjust the size of the picture Angle according to the people in the detection field of vision, eliminating the need for manual camera operation adjustment, and bringing you new intelligent experiences.

Although it is a 1080P USB video camera, it is also equipped with a noise-reduction built-in microphone. Smaller than a phone, you can get a video camera, a microphone, and a gimbal that can do real Pan and tilt.

Rocware RC310 mini video PTZ camera brings more flexibility to your online working.

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