RC10 video bar
RC10 video bar 2
R10 video bar 3
R10 video bar
R10 video bar
R10 video bar
Rocware RC10 All-in-one 4K UHD USB Video Bar with Autoframing and Intelligent Voice Tracking for Small Conference Room
R10 video bar
R10 video bar

Rocware RC10 All-in-one 4K UHD USB Video Bar with Autoframing and Intelligent Voice Tracking for Small Conference Room


RC10 has a 1/2.5-inch, 8.51 megapixel high-quality UHD CMOS sensor, which can output 4K (3840x2160)@30fps Ultra high definition image, downward compatible with 1080P, 720P, and other resolutions. There are 2 significant differences between RC10 and other Videobars. First, it's equipped with AI tracking functions, including voice tracking and autoframing. Second is its independent 3A audio algorithms to provide a wider voice pickup range and full duplex. Meet users' needs for different video experiences. It is specially designed for small and medium-sized conference rooms, especially the Huddle Room for 4 to 6 people.

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4K UHD 121° Wide View Angle

121° wide field of view (110° horizontal field of view), built-in PTZ (pan and tilt ±15°), making it easier for attendees to enter the conference meeting.

The mic’s 19.7-foot (6m) audio pickup radius catches audio from all attendees in the conference room.

3-in-1 design of 4K ultra HD camera, beamforming microphone and full-frequency speaker, plug and play, reduces wiring and makes video communication easy

Professional Audio Output

Hear remote team members loud and clear from all areas of the room with the Hi-Fi speaker.

The Built-in intelligent analysis algorithm supports audible position identification and intelligent linkage ePTZ function, the speaker can be automatically tracked, and it intelligently switches the speaker screen to ensure that the speaker is always clear in the screen.

Auto framing to adjust the screen ratio accordingly

Adjust the screen ratio according to the change of the number of participants to present a better meeting effect.

Recommended installation methods
Optional accessories

Extended microphone RM10

Optional accessories

BR05 TV mount bracket



  • Video Resolution:4K/30, 1080P/30, 720P/30 etc
  • Sensor:1/2.5 inches, CMOS, Effective Pixels
  • Lens:121° (DFOV), 110° (HFOV), 75° (VFOV), 5x digital zoom,Horizontal/pitch ±15°
  • Tripod Head:Mechanical PTZ (MPT) + e-PTZ (EPTZ)
  • Digital Noise Reduction :2D & 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • S/N Ratio:≥ 55dB
  • Backlight Compensation :Support

USB Features

  • Type of Connection :USB 3.0, backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • Color System / Compression: MJPEG /YUY2
  • USB Audio:32K sampling rate, UAC1.0 support
  • USB Video Communication Protocol:UVC 1.1
  • UVC PTZ Control:Support


  • Installation Method:A variety of installation options supported, including desktop placement, wall mounting, installation with wall-mounted TV, etc.
  • Supplied Cables:USB Cable
  • Safety Protection:Kensington Lock


  • Full-Frequency Speaker:96 dB SPL at 0.5 m
  • Microphone Array:Beamforming microphone with a pickup distance of 6m
  • Expansion MIC:Support (Optional)

I/O Interface

  • HD Output:1 x HDMI, Version 1.4b
  • USB Interface:1 x USB3.0, Type C; 1 x USB2.0, Type A
  • Wireless:Bluetooth data communication (Bluetooth 5.0)

General Specifications

  • Power Supply:DC 12V, 2A (Max.)
  • Operating Temperature:0° C ~ 40° C
  • Storage Temperature:40° C ~ 60° C
  • Size:601mm x 141mm x 115mm
  • Net weight:2.5 Kg

Product Feedback


The Rocware RC10 is a video conference camera designed for classroom use. With 4 beam-forming array
microphones, two powerful speakers and a voice tracking ePTZ camera, it's the perfect solution for hybrid or remote
classrooms. A near-perfect solution for schools experiencing teacher shortages.

ITRG Secure

I test the video soundbar today, and I think the picture quality of the RC16 4K webcam is better than this
RC10, but this one's sound quality is ok.


This camera is just as good as any name brand out there, voice tracking is very ideal.