The demand for MOOCs (massive open online courses) is increasing in contemporary society. However, adapting to the shift from traditional offline to blended teaching is a major challenge for teachers. This blog will show you how to create an effective MOOCs classroom that meets the needs of students while reducing the burden on teachers.

What is an Effective MOOCs Classroom

MOOCs refer to online courses that allow users from across the world to learn in a flexible learning environment. An effective MOOCs classroom means that teachers can deliver lessons to offline students in accordance with their originally adapted teaching methodology while the lessons can be recorded in full vividness. Modern audio-visual equipment allows this objective to be achieved efficiently.

Contemporary Students' Demands for Online Courses

Today’s students use their smartphones and tablets heavily and they expect their courses to be available wherever they are.

According to a study conducted by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research, 70% of online college students said they would want some or most of the course activities offered on mobile devices.

Students Expect a Great User Experience.

They want to be able to find and consume content easily. If the course material is cluttered, unattractive, or confusing to access, students are unlikely to complete the course or recommend it to others.

Equipment For an Effective MOOCs Classroom

AI-tracking cameras

always keep the instructor in the middle of the screen to maintain student concentration.

Camera that can automatically photograph whiteboard notes

for easy viewing and taking notes by online students.

Microphone with omnidirectional pickup and automatic noise cancellation

Deliver the instructor's voice clearly to every offline and online student, so they won't be disconnected from the class due to muffled voices.


What Instructors Need to Do in an Effective MOOCs Classroom

No additional requirements compared to traditional teaching. Teachers can write notes on the whiteboard and normally speak as they did before. The auto-tracking camera and the function of automatically shooting the whiteboard can vividly record and present instructors' classes. Ease the difficulty of adapting to MOOCs for teachers while providing online learners with a comprehensive and lively class.

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