If you're looking for a speaker that you can use in both indoor offices and bring to your camping trip, Rocware M300 is the one.

This sliver luster square speakerphone is portable, has long standby, a wireless connection, and can do reverse charging-----ideal for every personal audio usage. The speaker itself wights in at 0.34kg and measures 124mm x 124mm x 32mm. It has quite a good leather bag within the box to help handle and carry itself.

What's the most impressive about the speaker is the 3-in-1 design. It can be used as a full-frequency speaker with 84dBA (1m away) loud volume. It is an omnidirectional microphone to form a 6m radius ring array for 360°voice pickup. And it doesn't just end there, M300 can be a portable charger for your phone or laptop with its powerful 6500mAh battery. We all know how easy it could be to use all the audio products in one device, no need to turn off the speaker when answering the phone, and no mussy lines when you want to have a relaxing time with immersive music.

The sound is ideal. Rocware M300's sound effects are quite high-fidelity both indoors and outdoors. Its full-frequency speaker is tunned by the top sound engineer, so to make the music clear and natural with deep bass and treble thorough.

Also, don't worry about the installation and configuration. The Bluetooth 5.0 transfer rate and transmission distance are increased by 2 times and 4 times compared with the previous-generation Bluetooth technology. So plug and play that you can start an outdoor projection everywhere with the such good audio transmission. And if you don't like the wireless connection, the USB cable is also very easy to use.

The built-in 6500 mAh battery offers steady power that lasts for a whole day. The power supply to mobile phones and other devices via  USB in case of power failure, the reverse charging, and the multiple circuit protection are supported; the energy is just at your fingers. 

And back from the backyard, you may also need a microphone for your online chat and conference when you're working at home. The built-in 4 mics array with 360° pickup and the full-duplex audio technology offers improved long-distance calls, so that free your body leaving the desk while your voices keep being picked up. Fewer requirements of the environment, it is equipped with independent intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation, and environmental noises like typing, air conditioners, and hoovers will be eliminated. 

Another part that needs to be mentioned is the cute  LED strip. The bar RGB indicator lamp offers various color assortments, which enable users to conveniently view the current battery level, volume, incoming calls, mute, and another operating status of the product for convenient and easy operation. 

In a word, if you're a camper or working at home, why don't you give it a try?

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