Known for Rocware's RM70 and RM80 ceiling microphones, Rocware launches the new generation of ceiling microphones RM850 this September.

In 2021, Rocware introduced the RM70 for long-distance voice pickup, and RM80 for voice amplification, which both show their advantages in the audio technology area. This brought a question, talking about the long-voice pickup for distance education, and voice amplification for daily lecture, which option is more widely needed in the education area? And here is Rocware RM850 to meet both of the 2 needs with one device.

RM850 is a digital array microphone with embedded architecture. The high signal-to-noise ratio ring Microphone array design enables RM850 to pick up voice clear at long distances. And with blind beamforming technology, it can recognize people's accurate position more quality and pick their voice while intelligently reinforcing the picked human voices.

Whether it's in a classroom, a conference room, a church, an event, or a lecture, you can see that the existing audio solutions are usually separate between sound reinforcement and recording. Normally recording systems will be expressed as multiple microphones hung on the ceiling. and then when you talk, local amplifiers, depending on the number of speakers, also require one or more amplifiers to connect to the speakers.  Take an example of a church audio system picture behind, it looks a bit of a mess if you want to achieve both reinforcement and record functions in one room.

And while you're using Rocware RM850, only one microphone solves all the audio problems of one room.  It's one-key switching between interactive and sound reinforcement via its remote controller.
When you switch it to the voice recording and transmission mode, it picks voice in the 8M long-distance range to give speakers freedom to move around. Also, it doesn't have many requirements for environment and acoustic properties.RM850 uses patent technologies including Intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation suppression to ensure clear sound quality leading to clear communication. And normal environmental noises like typing, air conditioner, and paper writes will be eliminated quite well.

To amplify the voices in local rooms, you need to switch RM850 to the reinforcement mode. It provides a  new contactless voice amplification solution for lectures and presentations, with no need to hold the wireless microphone or to attach the lavalier microphone to a lecturer, free from all these restrictions, reducing infection risks with the hygienic and contactless operation.
The designs of RM850 have considered the size of the podium. In a range of 3m from RM850, whether speakers sitting or walking, voices are always reinforcing at an average volume. And in a range of 8 meters, more speakers' voices can also clearly reinforce.

What the most impressive is the ultra-low latency. The latency for the built-in processor to deal with pickup voice is less than 18ms, which human ears won't even notice. Thanks to Rocware's audio algorithms, this latency is ultra-low compared to other competing microphones in the world. Thus achieving simultaneous sound reinforcement.

And with all these two functions, it's also so easy to set up and needs zero configuration. Only two cables connection are needed to do the whole installation. and no extra rack-mounted processor is required because of the integrated built-in processing unit. How time and money cost-effective it is.

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